Report Data

Preliminary Information on Averted Reports Submitted to Date

National Policing Institute staff, project subject matter experts, and a limited number of individuals directly involved in preventing attacks have developed incident reports shown in the Report Library. 51 incident reports have been developed to date, based largely on open source media reports and court documents on averted school attacks. Reports were developed from incidents selected at random that occurred across the United States between 1999 and 2017, in K-12 schools as well as in colleges and universities. The analysis is preliminary, and it is recognized that the total number of reports represents a small sample size. Question fields are not mutually exclusive, which is why some questions display a total number of answers that is greater than the total number of incidents. Additionally, certain fields were unknown or unable to be answered from open sources, resulting in missing answers for particular questions. Below are preliminary and descriptive findings on aggregate data of the averted incident reports in the system.

Education Level 




Size of Student Body

School Location Type

School Security Measures Provided*

*School security information was frequently unavailable in open source reports. Lack of security measures shown here does not necessarily mean the school did not have the various measures we ask about in our report intake form.

Number of Averted Attackers