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Student Turns Himself in to Counselor before Attack

On 6-22-2004, the perpetrator brought two handguns and ammunition in a backpack to the school, arriving at the normal time of approximately 0715 hrs.

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Michigan Tip Line (OK2SAY) Works

Suspect solicited various students for a gun. The suspect continued to solicit students for a gun and told some students at the lunch table who he wanted to shoot before shooting himself.

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Tip Line Receives Report of Twitter Threat to Shoot Up College Campus

A university student posted messages on Twitter threatening to carry out a mass casualty attack on his school. The messages included statements saying, “the campus going to get shot up and who will be to blame.” Another statement read, “You (expletive) are past spent, you (expletive) are going to die in class.”

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Perpetrator Pulls Fire Alarm to Ambush Students in Dorm

A student at a large public university had not enrolled for spring semester and the university was in the process of removing him from his dorm room. Given that the student had recently lost a portion of his employment income and appeared to have nowhere to move, the university was taking an empathetic approach to the removal process instead of abruptly forcing him out.

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College Student Plans Mass Casualty Attack with 3D Printed Gun

A college student sent a text to a fellow student threatening to shoot students at their university. In a text to a second student, the subject said he was going to “commit a shooting that people would be talking about.” The second student forwarded the text to a university professor who notified law enforcement.

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Former College Student Threatens Retaliation

Nine years after graduating, a former student of a small liberal arts college began sending a series of threatening emails to a staff member at the college. The emails escalated in intensity and were accompanied by YouTube videos showing the student with weapons.

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Student Making Explosives with Guns in Dorm

Municipal law enforcement along with campus public safety officers responded to a dorm on campus for a report of a suicidal subject who had made references to committing a mass shooting or bombing.

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International Student Amasses Weapon Accessories

An international student who had recently sought psychiatric care for suicidal thoughts and feeling like he might lose control and commit acts of violence against anyone tried to buy an AR-15 from a local gun store. The owner refused to sell the weapon based on erratic statements being made by the student about his intended use of the weapon and his unfamiliarity with its operation.

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Community College – Terrorist Nexus

In December 2015, a husband and wife used illegally acquired assault rifles among other weapons to murder 14 innocent people and wound 21 more at the Inland Regional Center in San Bernardino, California. Prior to the attack, the wife had pledged allegiance to ISIS.

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Staff on Staff Targeted Violence

In early 2013, detectives began investigating a series of threatening letters that were being received by university custodial workers. Some of the letters were handwritten, so investigators began working with the State Police Crime Lab, requesting a handwriting analysis to compare the suspect letters against a known sample from an identified suspect, who was a former employee and co-worker of the victims.

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